Measure Tutorial

Using FEX is extremely easy to measure your model in several ways.

You can measure mass, volume, shell area and bar length simply by selecting what you want to measure:

More options are available by expanding the menu:

For distance measurements use Measure tool in FEX:

Tools > Measure (Ctrl + M)

In addition to traditional node-to-node measurements, FEX provides you the capability to measure between elements/MPCs/nodes.
Four methods are available for distance calculation:

Minimum Distance Maximum Distance

Note that in node-to-node measurements there are no difference between using Minimum or Maximum Distance methods.

Radius Free
Select three nodes of a curve to calculate its radius Measure from any point

When a measurement is made, it can be projected to global coordinate system or any other system present in your model. To do so, mark Project Measurement and choose a coordinate system:

Finally, you can measure perpendicularly to element faces by marking Perpendicular To Surface:

If what you are interested in is global model information, a clean and quick view for that is provided in:

Explore > File Overview